Submarine Cable Almanac Issue 24 Out Now

Submarine Cable Almanac - Issue 24  Now Available! By Submarine Telecoms Forum Press Release Since the last issue, we have updated every single system with a substantive change and added 10 new systems. As part of our continuing company wide roll out of new technology, the Almanac is now an entirely automated document. By removing [...]

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Almanac Issue 23 Available Now

Welcome to the twenty-third edition of the Submarine Cable Almanac, one of our most popular reference tools. Since the last issue, we have updated every single entry with substantive change and added three newly announced systems. You will also notice a change in presentation. Our R&D efforts over the summer have introduced a new tool [...]

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STF #95 Available Now

IN THIS ISSUE: Readjusting Expectations, Embracing New Opportunities By Kieran Clark Long Island By Hunter Newby Moving Oceans Of Data By Nigel Bayliff Autonomous Networks… Are You Ready? By Brian Lavallée From The Conference Director By Christopher Noyes The Opportunities And Technological Challenges Of Regional System Design By Tony Frisch The History And Future Of [...]

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STF #94 Available Now

In this issue: Global Capacity Outlook By Kieran Clark The Capacity Market In Africa The Impact Of Ott Players And The Evolving Connectivity Landscape By Mike Last Submarine Cables, Security And The State By John Tibbles Going Deep Working To Improve The Accuracy And Availability Of Global Baseline Bathymetry By Edward Saade Asia-Pacific Report By [...]

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STF Magazine Issue 93 Is Now Available!

By SubTel Forum Press Release, March 20, 2017 Issue 93 of the STF Magazine is now available! In this issue our contributing authors discuss the current state of Finacnial and Legal concerns to our industry. Get it now!   In This Issue:Changing Dynamics In The World Of Submarine Fiber By Kieran Clark Message from the [...]

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SubTel Forum to Manage SubOptic 2019

WASHINGTON, DC - February 1, 2017 -  A new manager and new approach is coming to the industry’s foremost conference. Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. (SubTel Forum) ­ – one of the premier news sources for the submarine fibre industry – is pleased to announce that it will manage the organization and staging of SubOptic 2019, [...]

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