By VnExpress

More disruptions are drowning repairs to the volatile continental cable.
Repairs to the Intra Asia (IA) internet cable that connects Vietnam with other parts of Southeast Asia have been set back once again by more ruptures, VietnamPlus cited an internet service provider as saying on Thursday.

The cable has been under near-constant repairs since it broke on January 10, and despite a number of deadlines being set, it seems nobody is sure when the cable will resume full operations again.

On February 26, VietnamPlus cited another provider as saying that the IA is expected to resume full speed on March 1 after Tata Communications, the cable's operator, said it had discovered new disruption points near Singapore. Meanwhile, other providers said repairs to the cable might not be finished before March 4.

The IA ruptured on January 10 and was fixed the same day. It ruptured again the following day and the operator estimated it would be back up to full speed on February 25.

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