Equinix Will Construct a New Data Center in Barcelona

Equinix has announced the construction of a second data center in Barcelona which will service incoming submarine cables 2Africa and Medloop.By Sam Friedberg, List23.com
February 16, 2023

The construction of a second data center in the city of Barcelona, which is being developed as a key location for terrestrial and submarine cable networks, both those that have already been established and those that are in the planning phase, has been confirmed by Equinix.

When it is operational, this new data center will serve as a strategic connection point for communication in EMEA and make Barcelona a leading location for the mooring of submarine cables. These include: 2Africa, which connects Africa's coastal areas, the Arabian Peninsula, and Sipartech's Medloop, which connects Barcelona to Genoa, Marseille, and Ajaccio, and Medusa, which connects Barcelona to other points on the European, Mediterranean, and African coasts.

Equinix's Barcelona facilities are home to over 45 network operators, allowing the company to connect to the CATNIX regional Internet exchange as well as the Equinix Internet Exchange. Customers who are using your facilities can leverage your digital services to build and maintain their digital infrastructure quickly and securely, using automated bare metal and virtual network services.

The new Equinix data center, which will be named International Business Exchange (IBX) BA2, will be next to the already established data center in Barcelona, BA1. Local businesses will be able to expand and prosper, while international ones will be able to do so through Platform Equinix in Barcelona, a strategic location for international communications.

Equinix wants to be able to use 100% renewable and clean energy for its global platform as part of its long-term objective. The BA2 data center will be designed with the intention of obtaining the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The first confirmed customer for these facilities, which will start up in early 2024, will be Colt Technologies.

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