Greenland Connect Repairs Have Been Completed

The repair of the Greenland Connect system was completed by the CS Cable Vigilance late Saturday Evening, August 27.Tusass Press Release
August 31, 2022

The last and exciting part of the submarine cable repair is being completed this evening

At present, all customers should experience normal internet speeds, and Tusass can see from the traffic in the submarine cable that there is increasing speed on the connections again south of Nuuk, which over the last week has experienced slower connections due to the submarine cable repair.

Tusass is finishing the very last – and for some most exciting – process to finally announce the end of the submarine cable repair. The submarine cable ship has now laid the submarine cable down to the seabed and must release the cable, which is a very nerve-wracking process for the technicians in Tusass, who are currently sitting and monitoring.
Søren Krogh Pedersen, who is Head of Department for Facilities and Energy and who is in direct contact with the ship, says directly from Tusas' Head Office on Saturday evening:
  • We can see from the traffic that the electricity and the traffic on the cable are moving, but in the process we are now entering into, where the cable must be released from the ship, disturbances or interruptions may occur. We in Tusass are fully focused and will monitor until late this evening and into the night if necessary to ensure that the last part of the submarine cable repair.
Tusass announced Sunday that the submarine cable repair has finally been completed late Saturday, and the submarine cable ship is now in Nuuk.