July 2020 – Advertiser Corner

By Kristian Nielsen
July 20, 2020

Dear Readers,

In what feels like another blink of an eye, July is here, and I am grateful to be writing this piece from my office, at my desk. It is a funny notion; I had not once considered how much I valued the consistency and stability of being able to leave my house and drive to my dedicated workspace.

We opened our office again some 4 weeks ago with masks adorned and hand sanitizer at every entrance. We few on-site staff lock ourselves away from the rest of the building, emerging only to find some local drive-thru or delivery for lunch at some of the few local restaurants still open.

With restrictions, it is a semblance of a return to our “normal”, even if a small one.

Anecdotally, I feel as if the industry at large is beginning to wake up from its hibernation, that we are all beginning to emerge from our own proverbial caves.

Quantifiably, we have our greatest number of advertisers since this whole COVID mess started! There is no other way to say it, THANK YOU for your trust and faith in this Magazine and what we do. Without the supportive dollars of our advertisers, and their amazing marketing teams, there would not be a Magazine to read.

Speaking of marketing opportunities, this year is going to a slim one for the conference crowd. If you spend the majority of your time in the air like so many of us, the remainder of this year is going to be a quiet one. So we’re faced with a tough question – how do we as an industry keep our brands in the public eye?

Fret not, let us help! SubTel Forum is read in every major office and by every decision maker in the industry. Our last demographics survey identified that over 60% of our readership has high influence or final decision-making power for purchasing in their companies.

Be seen in the industry, show the world that you are still here – advertise with SubTel Forum!

To continue reading the rest of this article, please read it in Issue 113 of the SubTel Forum Magazine on page 79 or on our archive site here.