Last Undersea Internet Cable Connecting Vietnam With the World Breaks Down

By Vietnam+
February 21, 2023

Hanoi (VNA) – The SMW3 cable, the last fully functional Internet cable of Vietnam, has encountered a problem on its S2.7 segment that connects with Singapore, an Internet service provider in the country said on February 21.

This means all the five undersea cables connecting Vietnam with the world have been partly or wholly affected.

Earlier, AAG and APG suffered from serious failures and are now completely unable to carry the Internet traffic. Two others, IA and AAE-1, also recorded breakdowns and are only functional partly.

However, Vietnamese service suppliers said the failures on the five cables will not have great impact on the speed of Internet connection between the country and the world.

The SMW3 cable is outdated and going to be decommissioned, so it has not been used for fixed broadband Internet services, they explained, adding that the latest breakdown didn’t occur in the peak time, and they immediately carried out responding measures to reduce impact on the Internet speed.

Service suppliers are implementing the best measures to ensure users’ Internet access, they noted.