Preparing Infrastructure for Additional Subsea Cables in Virginia Beach 

Greg Twitt of Globalinx explains how various companies have geared Virginia Beach to be a hub for renewable energy and subsea cables.By Greg Twitt
January 26, 2021

Virginia Beach is located on the Eastern Seaboard of United States, and is ideally situated in the Mid Atlantic for accommodating Subsea Cables, and is the host of three of the fastest subsea cables located in the Telxius Cable landing Station:

  • Marea, owners: Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius, Virginia Beach to Sopelana Spain, 8 fiber pairs at up to 200tbs
  • Brusa, owners: Telxius, linking Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil) with San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Virginia Beach, has 8 fiber pairs running at 160Tbs.
  • Google’s Dunant cable from France’s Bordeaux region to Virginia Beach, with an expected RFS this year, is the fastest cable yet, with 12 fiber pairs at 250 tbs, and is over 50% faster than its roommate, Marea.

Why is there so much talk about Virginia Beach  being “the ideal Hub” for Transatlantic, Latin American and Eastern Seaboard traffic? Answer: Geographic location.

Located within seven miles from the existing and proposed beach manholes, Virginia Beach’s designated Data Center Park, Corporate Landing Park is home of Telxius’s Cable Landing Station and the Globalinx Carrier Neutral Data Center complex, which has been in operation for the past twelve months. Globalinx is 700 meters from Telxius with zero latency, redundant 864 count fiber connections into the CLS.

Corporate Landing Park has elevations of 18 feet above sea level, and is outside a 500 year flood, giving a great deal more solace than all locations further south, that have a history of being much more impacted by the East Coast’s hurricane season.

Virginia Beach is ideally situated to provide robust international and local low latency bandwidth services. It is an ideal location for Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon, to feed Data Center and Cloud facilities located within a reasonable proximity, both north and south of Virginia Beach. It is also close to Charlotte North Carolina, which is the home of three of United States largest banks: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and BB&T.

Ashburn, the internet hub of the world, is located 200 miles north, and was perhaps, at this moment is the main driver for traffic from Virginia Beach.

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