René Descartes In Canada To Lay Cable To Asia

July 15, 2021

Since last Sunday, sea enthusiasts can observe in the port of Vancouver one of the ships of the French company Orange Marine. Departing from the port of Marseille, the cable ship René Descartes pulled a communication cable between Japan and Western Canada.

The least we can say is that René Descartes did not go unnoticed in the port of Vancouver: The René Descartes is a long-haul ship of over 140 meters long. It has on board a crew of between 60 and 70 members with sailors and engineers and cable technicians , specifies Didier Dillard, CEO of Orange Marine.

For several months, the ship has faced technical and meteorological problems to lay an optical fiber submarine cable at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The René Descartes stopped in Vancouver because we are responsible for laying a trans-Pacific cable, over 7,000 km long, which will soon link Japan and Canada. This is quite exceptional, because if you look at the map of submarine cables that cross the Pacific, there are a lot of them but they almost all arrive in the United States and very few in Canada.” –  Didier Dillard, CEO of Orange Marine

After having already laid part of the cable between Japan and the southern Aleutian Islands, the René Descartes should remain several more weeks in Canadian waters before leaving to complete its mission.

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