René Descartes In Canada Laying Cable To Asia

René Descartes In Canada To Lay Cable To Asia July 15, 2021 Since last Sunday, sea enthusiasts can observe in the port of Vancouver one of the ships of the French company Orange Marine. Departing from the port of Marseille, the cable ship René Descartes pulled a communication cable between Japan and Western Canada. The least [...]

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Installation of Fiber Optic Austral Underway

Installation of Fiber Optic Austral by Orange Marine Underway Orange Press Release January 8, 2019 On 4 January, at around 9:00pm, the Orange Marine cable ship Rene? Descartes sailed around Cape Horn at 56°00’ latitude south and 067°16’ longitude west. This makes it the only cable ship in the world that can claim the title [...]

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