STF Magazine Feature: 6 Questions with Greg Berlocher

Talking Technology Trends with New Star Energy Services’ CEO

September 22, 2021

  1. What is New Star Energy Services’ mission?

New Star Energy Services is a telecommunication engineering firm that supports energy-related customers that need to communicate in remote locations and in harsh environments.  Our mission is to design, build, install, and maintain high availability network solutions for offshore platforms and vessels, pipelines, midstream companies, fracking companies, and  oilfield service companies. In addition to the Oil & Gas Market, we provide engineering, telecommunication services, and field support to the IoT Market.

  1. How does New Star Energy Services participate in the submarine cable market?

As an engineering company, we focus on delivering the best solution for a particular customer’s specific needs.  We work with a wide range of telecommunication technologies, including: radio, microwave, Private LTE, satellite, and fiber.  Subsea fiber is often the best solution for delivering gigabits of data, reliably and cost effectively, to offshore facilities.  New Star can provide FEED studies for energy companies considering subsea fiber projects.  We also work with partners to provide construction oversight and documentation.

  1. Is New Star Energy Services currently involved with any new submarine cable initiatives?

Yes, we were recently approached by an international investment fund that specializes in telecommunication projects and we are actively engaged in a feasibility study for an international subsea project approximately 700 KM in length.

New Star is also engaged in terrestrial fiber projects in West Texas and New Mexico.  Our customers require fiber connectivity in several areas in the Delaware Basin that are not served by fiber optic cables today.

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