2019-20 Submarine Telecoms Industry Report Is Now Available

By SubTel Forum Press Release
October 15, 2019

The Submarine Telecoms Industry Report Issue 8 cover.Sterling, Virginia – SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that the 2019-20 edition of the Submarine Telecoms Industry Report is now available!


We are thrilled that the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, Mr. Houlin Zhao, provided this year’s Foreword, discussing the state of the ITU and its submarine cable related initiatives. Thanks especially to Bruce Howe of University of Hawaii who penned for ITU a comprehensive section outlining the uses and evolution of scientific cables around the world.

As always, the annual Industry Report serves as an analytic resource within a quartet of SubTel Forum products including the Submarine Cable Map published every January, the Submarine Cable Almanac published quarterly thereafter, and the virtual Submarine Cables of the World Interactive Map. The Submarine Telecoms Industry Report features in-depth analysis and prognoses of the submarine cable industry and serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking to comprehend the health of the submarine industry. It examines both the worldwide and regional submarine cable markets, including issues such as the new-system and upgrade supply environments, ownership, financing, market drivers, and geopolitical/economic events that may impact the market in the future.

Topics included:

  • Global Overview – Including a history of cables, capacity estimates, capacity pricing, global system development and ownership paradigms
  • Ownership Financing Analysis – A historic perspective, regional financing analysis, current financing estimates and future estimates
  • Supplier Analysis – Including system suppliers, upgraders, installers, surveyors and recent mergers, acquisitions and industry activities
  • System Maintenance – Analysis of maintenance publicity, reporting trends and club versus private maintenance agreements
  • Cable Ships – Fleet distribution, future cable ships and current and future shore end activity
  • Market Drivers and Influencers – Discussion of the role of OTT and Data Center providers play in the submarine fiber industry
  • Special Markets – Including Offshore Energy and SMART Cables
  • Regional Market Analysis and Capacity Outlook

For this year, we have added a web-based edition of the Submarine Telecoms Industry Report for much easier viewing on the go and the ability to link to specific content you'd like to share! View this new format by clicking below:


We utilized insights from a number of articles from recent issues of Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine, where necessary, allowing us to better discuss various industry topics. We also received some excellent input from a number of industry super stars, including:

  • Bruce Neilson-Watts, GMSL
  • Derek Webster, Andget Limited
  • Eric Handa, AP Telecom
  • Patrick Faidherbe, AQEST
  • Paul Gabla, ASN
  • Steve Lentz, OSI
  • Stephen Nielsen, SubTel Forum
  • Himmat Singh Sandhu & Siddhartha Raja, World Bank

We would also like to say a special thank you to our sponsors who helped make the annual Industry Report doable:

  • APTelecom
  • E-Marine
  • Hengtong Group
  • STF Analytics
  • WFN Strategies

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