SubTel Forum Magazine #111 – Finance & Legal OUT NOW!

The Finance & Legal edition of SubTel Forum Magazine is out now! Dig down on the impact of the (COVID-19) on Force Majeure clauses.SubTel Forum Press Release
March 16, 2020

The Finance & Legal edition of SubTel Forum Magazine is out now!

What's Inside:


Novel Coronavirus and Force Majeure by Stephen Wright and Adam Kelly.

Dig down on the impact of the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on contracts and Force Majeure clauses.

Is your force majeure adequate? Should or can it be invoked? Get the a perspective from the professionals.

We are proud to announce the grand return of a SubTel Forum mainstay “Where in the world are all those pesky Cableships?” written by our new Research Analyst, Rebecca Spence. This exciting new article is made possible by the voluminous SubTel Forum Cable Map, which now tracks cableship locations every six hours!

What else is inside:

  • 7 Questions with the Hon. Walter Roban, Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Bermuda
  • FIBRE BROADBAND NETWORKS: An investor’s introduction by Mike Conradi, Rubayet Choudhury & Christian Keogh
  • Innovative Financing and Debt Strategies for Private Submarine Cable Project Sponsors by Andrew D. Lipman, Ulises R. Pin and Paul St. Clair
  • Tripping Hazards for Permitting in British Columbia, Canada by James Ian Anthony Neville
  • Subsea Cable Sector Needs a New Financing Model by Steve Scott
  • So, You Want to Lay a Cable by Stephen Nielsen
  • Managing Underutilized Assets by Chris de Josselin
  • Subsea Cable Damage Claims by Nicholas Kazaz
  • The Red Sea Line by Bill Burns and Stewart Ash
  • Back Refelction: THE TIME OF “INTEGRATED NAVIGATION” by José Chesnoy
  • And other great articles from the staff at SubTel Forum!