SubTel Forum Magazine #126 – Offshore Energy – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Press Release
September 19, 2022

What's Inside:

Issue 126 of the SubTel Forum Magazine contains articles from industry thought leaders and magnates discussing the needs of different regions for submarine cable infrastructure around the world.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

7 Questions with Rob Cash, Operations Manager at Parkburn Precision Handling Systems

Feature Articles:

  • Evolving Subsea Technologies Impacting Submarine Cables By Stephen Nielsen
  • Submarine Networks: An Evolutionary Change, Part 2 By Derek Cassidy
  • Distributing Fiber Optic Sensing For CO2 Injection Monitoring Scope 3 Emissions Challenges By Ian Thomas
  • Future Proofing Offshore Systems By Greg Otto and Kristian Nielsen
  • How ROVS Are Utilizing Imaging and Automation Technologies To Innovate Offshore Inspections By Riley Kooh
  • Why Diverse Connectivity Routes Are A Necessity For The Tournament At FIFA World Cup Cup QATAR 2022 By Brendan Press
  • How Distribution Fiber Sensing Is Advancing Subsea Cable Monitoring By Mark Englund
  • Geopolitics Of Subsea Cables In The Arctic By Alexandra Middleton and Bjørn Rønning
  • Using Existing Submarine Cables As A Tsunami Warning Network? By Geoff Bennett
  • VIC And Private Equirt Expect Sub-Saharan African Economic Boost By Phil Anderson
  • Rise Of Hyperscalers Places Greater Importance Of Testing Subsea Optical Cables By Shu Zhuang
  • Next Generation Transponder Technology To Align With Subsea SDM Cables By Sushin Suresan
  • A Step-Change In Capability By Rob Cash
  • And more thought-provoking articles from SubTel Forum.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to make a special Thank You to our sponsors this issue. Thank you for believing in this magazine and helping us to continue the work that we do!