Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 106 – Global Is Now Live!

Issue 106 of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue discusses the global capacity aspects of the submarine cable industry.SubTel Forum Press Release
May 20, 2019

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 106 of the Magazine is now available!

In this issue we discuss global capacity aspects of the submarine cable industry, and provide a SubOptic 2019 recap.


Featured articles:

  • A Global Rise in Submarine Cables by Kylie Wansink and Henry Lancaster
  • 13 Questions with Amber Case
  • DARE1 Subsea Cable by Mohamed Ahmed
  • Forecasting Demand for Subsea Capacity by John Tibbles
  • Partnerships and Proactivity Are the Keys to Enduring Success by Laurie Miller
  • Trans-Pacific Market Capacity by Eric Handa
  • SDM: A Revolution for the Submarine Industry by Pascal Pecci and Olivier Courtois
  • SubOptic 2019 Recap!
  • And Department Pieces from SubTel Forum, STF Analytics, STF Events and SubOptic 2019…

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