Subsea Cable Demand Post COVID-19

Subsea Cable Demand Post COVID-19 By John Tibbles May 18, 2020 Introduction Forecasting demand for subsea cable capacity is never easy, so there won’t be any figures here just some thoughts. ‘Crises Create Change’ is hardly a new observation or comment but for most of us, in Europe at least, alive today we have not [...]

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The Politicization of Subsea Cables

The Politicization of Subsea Cables: How Our Once Discrete World Now Makes Headlines By John Tibbles January 19, 2020 Introduction For many years, probably since the early days of telegraphs submarine cables have rested quietly out of the view of the media and politicians if not the military minds but that now longer seems to [...]

SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 106 Now Available

Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 106 - Global Is Now Live! SubTel Forum Press Release May 20, 2019 SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 106 of the Magazine is now available! In this issue we discuss global capacity aspects of the submarine cable industry, and provide a SubOptic 2019 recap. READ ISSUE Featured [...]