Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 109 – Data Centers and New Technology Is Now Live!

Issue 109 of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue discusses how data centers and new technology are impacting cable systems.SubTel Forum Press Release
November 18, 2019

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 109 of the Magazine is now available!

In this issue we discuss the changing dynamics in the submarine fiber industry brought about by the influence of data centers and new technologies, an interview with an industry thought leader and debut the Online Author and Article Index.


Featured articles:

  • 5 Questions with Henrik Roland Certeza
  • Connecting Data Centers with Submarine Cables by Steve Grubb, Herve Fevrier and Andy Palmer-Felgate
  • An Appreciation by SubTel Forum Staff
  • Introducing SubTel Forum's Online Author and Article Index
  • PTC'20 Vision 2020 and Beyond by Elaine Stafford
  • Insiders' Perspectives Revisited
  • Pushing the Limits of Undersea Cable Networks to Provide Global Data Connectivity by Olivier Tremblay-Lavoie
  • User Story: Web Maps Share Detailed Submarine Cable Data by Yvonne Lin
  • New Internet Geography by Jean-Francois Baget
  • Advanced Optical Fibers for Connecting Data Centers by Alan McCurdy and Robert Lingle Jr.
  • And Department Pieces from SubTel Forum and STF Analytics

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