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New Arctic cable will accelerate traffic between Europe and Asia

New Arctic cable will accelerate traffic between Europe and Asia By Mohammad Ali December 10, 2020 ST. PETERSBURG (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th December, 2020) The Arctic Connect project, led by Finnish Cinia and Russian network provider MegaFon, which aims to connect Nordic countries with Japan and potentially China, is likely to accelerate data transmission between Europe and Asia by four times in [...]

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Cinia Announces New Partners for Arctic Connect Cable

Cinia Announces New Partners for Arctic Connect Cable By Telecompaper September 29, 2020 Finnish company Cinia, which is executing the development phase for the Arctic Connect submarine cable project with MegaFon.has announced the addition of new, international partners for the scheme, from Japan, Norway and Finland. Sojitz Corporation, a multi-national trading and investment company, has [...]

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Cinia Says C-Fiber Hanko To Invest in Arctic Connect

Cinia Says C-Fiber Hanko Pledges Investment In Arctic Connect Project By Telecompaper June 21, 2018 Finnish ICT company Cinia said that C-Fiber Hanko will invest in the Arctic Connect project, exploring the idea of building a digital bridge between Europe and Asia via the Northeast passage. The project is run by Cinia and commissioned by [...]

China, Finland In Talks About Arctic Cable

By Janne Suokas, GB Times December 14, 2017 China is reportedly in talks with Finland about a high-speed telecommunication arctic cable connecting Europe and Asia through the Arctic Ocean, a sign of the country’s growing interest in developing the Arctic region. State-owned China Telecom Corp expressed interest in participating in the cable project in September, [...]

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