Telxius Leads Transatlantic With Dunant, Marea in Service

Telxius Leads the Transatlantic Subsea Market With Dunant and Marea Fully in Service Telxius Press Release Jan 29, 2021 Telxius Announces that the new Dunant cable adds to MAREA for an unmatched transatlantic proposition, fully operation right now. The transatlantic network route is one of the busiest in the world and the Dunant cable is [...]

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Tripping Hazards for Permitting of Subsea Cables in British Columbia, Canada

Tripping Hazards for Permitting of Subsea Cables in British Columbia, Canada By James Ian Anthony Neville March 16, 2020 As everyone with experience obtaining regulatory approvals for submarine cables knows, the devil can be in the details. Each potential alignment and landing location may lie within multiple regulatory jurisdictions as represented by entities of various [...]

Grand Plans – Atlantic Digital Port: Bermuda’s Subsea Cable Corridor Initiative

Grand Plans - Atlantic Digital Port: Bermuda's Subsea Cable Corridor Initiative Fiona Beck By Fiona Beck July 22, 2019 Bermuda has demonstrated it knows how build a world renown reputation in the fields of insurance and financial services.  It’s now looking to do the same in telecommunications and technology.  Specifically, the island is [...]

SACS Cable Activated Across South Atlantic

First Subsea Cable Across South Atlantic Activated By Doug Madory, Dyn September 19, 2018 Yesterday marked the first time in recent Internet history that a new submarine cable carried live traffic across the South Atlantic, directly connecting South America to Sub-Saharan Africa.  The SACS (South Atlantic Cable System built by Angola Cables achieved this feat around [...]

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