Telxius Leads the Transatlantic Subsea Market With Dunant and Marea Fully in Service

Telxius Announces that the new Dunant cable adds to MAREA for an unmatched transatlantic proposition, fully operation right now.Telxius Press Release
Jan 29, 2021

Telxius Announces that the new Dunant cable adds to MAREA for an unmatched transatlantic proposition, fully operation right now.

The transatlantic network route is one of the busiest in the world and the Dunant cable is set to channel the enormous growth of data and content needs between Europe and the United States. Dunant is a new generation, 6,600 km long transatlantic cable, connecting the United States with the French Atlantic coast, now combined with MAREA to make one of the lowest latency and highest capacity routes globally. Dunant has just become fully in service and MAREA has boosted transatlantic connectivity in its just over two years’ lifetime. This is how Telxius is now bridging the Atlantic with the two most modern cables on its unique, diverse transatlantic route, further south than other cables in the North Atlantic.


Telxius transatlantic proposition directly connects Ashburn, Richmond and Virginia Beach in the US to Paris, Madrid and Derio (Bilbao) in Europe. This means direct access to areas with the largest concentration of data centers in the world and key connectivity hubs. The addition of Dunant to the Telxius portfolio allows customers to benefit from Telxius’ extensive footprint, network capabilities and range of services.

Map of MAREA and Dunant submarine cable network.


At Telxius, we remain focused on enabling global communications for organizations via one of the world’s largest submarine cable networks. As a result of increased infrastructure developments, new connectivity options and new partnerships, the Telxius network successfully links the US, Latin America, Europe and beyond.

Telxius now has subsea cable assets in 21 countries and 52 cities worldwide, with 20 Tbps of IP Capacity, 88 PoPs, 19 fully owned landing stations, and two redundant NOCs with state-of-the-art technology. By the end of 2021, Telxius, a Tier 1 international network, will operate 100,000 km of fiber optic cables. With the expansion of the Telxius network on Dunant, we are bringing diversity and resiliency to our transatlantic route. This confirms Telxius’ commitment to provide the best services to our partners and customers, offering the latest technology, diverse routes and best latency to address the needs of content-providers, global enterprise and third-party operators.

As the world’s needs for uninterrupted global interconnectivity continue to rise, at Telxius, we are preparing the road ahead. Our unrivaled global ecosystem of network infrastructure and state of the art facilities continues to grow to meet our customers’ needs and the organizations that count on us to ensure their businesses thrive in even some of the most challenging environments.

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