Grand Plans – Atlantic Digital Port: Bermuda’s Subsea Cable Corridor Initiative

Grand Plans - Atlantic Digital Port: Bermuda's Subsea Cable Corridor Initiative Fiona Beck By Fiona Beck July 22, 2019 Bermuda has demonstrated it knows how build a world renown reputation in the fields of insurance and financial services.  It’s now looking to do the same in telecommunications and technology.  Specifically, the island is [...]

SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 107 Now Available

Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 107 - Regional Systems Is Now Live! SubTel Forum Press Release July 22, 2019 SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 107 of the Magazine is now available! In this issue we discuss the health, wellness and future of developing regions and their impact on the global submarine fiber [...]

Bermuda to Promote Tech Cable Corridor at SubOptic 2019

Bermuda to Promote Tech Cable Corridor at SubOptic 2019 Bermuda Business Development Agency Press Release April 8, 2019 Hamilton, Bermuda, April 7, 2019—A Bermuda delegation attending a high-profile conference for the global submarine cable industry this week will promote the island as a strategic Atlantic landing hub for fibreoptic corridors. SubOptic, a triennial event being [...]

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