Google’s Grace Hopper Cable Has Landed In Bude!

Google's Grace Hopper Cable Has Landed In Bude! By Jayne Stowell, Google September 14, 2021 Last year, we announced a new subsea cable — named Grace Hopper after the computer science pioneer — that will run between the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. The cable will improve the resilience of the Google network that underpins [...]

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Grace Hopper Arrives In Bilbao With Telxius

Grace Hopper Arrives In Bilbao With Telxius Telxius Press Release September 9, 2021 Google's Grace Hopper submarine cable has moored at our Sopelana station, near Bilbao, as we announced at the end of last year, thanks to the mooring and placement services of Telxius. From there, this new system will be connected to the resources and infrastructures offered by the Derio Communications [...]

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Submarine Cables And The Importance Of Spain

Submarine Cables And The Importance Of Spain Submarine cables have positioned themselves as key elements of global interconnection and have Spain as one of the most privileged enclaves. By Izan González April 26, 2021 Spain, a traditional point of departure from Europe to South America for 5 centuries, has also found a privileged niche on the [...]

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Telxius to land the Grace Hopper Subsea Cable at its Derio Communications Hub in Bilbao

Google’s Grace Hopper Cable to Connect from the US to the UK and Spain through the Telxius Infrastructure By Telxius Press Release Madrid - December 16, 2020 Telxius, the leading neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator with an extensive portfolio of towers and submarine cable, has announced today the company will provide landing and colocation services for [...]

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Google Announces Grace Hopper Submarine Cable

Announcing the Grace Hopper Subsea Cable, Linking the U.S., U.K. And Spain By Google July 28, 2020 Today, 98% of international internet traffic is ferried around the world by subsea cables. A vast underwater network of cables crisscrossing the ocean makes it possible to share, search, send, and receive information around the world at the [...]

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