Grace Hopper Arrives In Bilbao With Telxius

Google's Grace Hopper submarine cable has moored at the Telxius Sopelana station and will connect to the Derio Communications Hub.Telxius Press Release
September 9, 2021

Google's Grace Hopper submarine cable has moored at our Sopelana station, near Bilbao, as we announced at the end of last year, thanks to the mooring and placement services of Telxius. From there, this new system will be connected to the resources and infrastructures offered by the Derio Communications Hub, also located near Bilbao, through which both Google and its customers and users will have access to placement services, capacity and IP of very high quality and will be in a unique position to connect with the rest of Europe and the world. This new milestone joins other large projects in which we have also collaborated with Google, such as Dunant , Junior andTannat .

Grace Hopper is an advanced submarine cabling system with 16 pairs of fibers that connects the United States with the United Kingdom and Spain. It is the first cable financed by Google to reach Spain and its name comes from the computer scientist and US military considered a pioneer in the world of programming.

“We are delighted to provide connection and placement services to Grace Hopper as part of the ongoing collaboration between Google and Telxius,” said Monica Martinez, Marketing Director, Telxius. Grace Hopper thus gains access to the advanced interconnection and transmission capabilities of Telxius' Derio Communications Hub, with backhaul connections to Paris and Madrid. This means new opportunities for companies connected to the main international traffic hubs in Europe and beyond ”.