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“We are an ISO-accredited pioneering authority in the planning and implementation of submarine cable systems.

Since 2001, we have accomplished on all seven continents more than 150 submarine cable system projects for 75+ International Clients, including 25+ Regional Systems, 30+ Inter-Platform Systems and 15+ Transoceanic Systems and we are the world’s leading expert on the design, engineering and implementation of submarine cable systems in Polar environments.”

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Discover the Submarine Telecoms Cable Almanac, a meticulously crafted guide to the world of submarine cable systems. A snapshot of the undersea world, your quick reference to submarine cable systems, this publication is more than just a collection of data; it's a comprehensive analysis of over 500 current and planned domestic and international cable systems.

How Do We Create the Almanac?

  • Data Gathering: Continuous collection of information throughout the year from public, commercial, and scientific sources.
  • Database Analysis: Utilization of our proprietary Submarine Cable Database, purpose-built in 2013 and overhauled in 2021, to track detailed project information.
  • Expert Interviews: Conversations with industry experts to gain insights and perspectives.
  • Mapping: Creation of maps with ArcGIS Pro, maintaining a consistent visual style with our Submarine Cables of the World print map.

Whether you're an industry insider, researcher, or simply curious about the undersea world of cables, the Almanac serves as an invaluable reference tool.

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The 45th issue of the Submarine Cable Almanac is now available and contains details on every major submarine cable system in the world.

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