Marine Survey For PEACE Underway

The Marine Survey For Huawei Marine’s PEACE Project Is Underway Huawei Press Release May 2, 2018 Tianjin, China - Huawei Marine has announced today that the marine survey for its PEACE (Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe) project is now underway. The PEACE submarine cable system will connect Pakistan, Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt, and other countries along [...]

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PCCW Global To Link Rodrigues With Submarine Cable

PCCW Global To Link Rodrigues With Undersea Cable For Mauritius Telecom By Telecompaper March 5, 2018 PCCW Global has agreed with Mauritius Telecom to construct and maintain a high speed submarine cable connecting the Indian Ocean Islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius which will vastly improve connectivity for Rodrigues. PCCW Global will cooperate with Huawei Marine [...]

Chile Begins Work On ‘Fibra Optica Austral’ Project

Chile Begins Work On 'Fibra Optica Austral' Southern Fibre project By Telecompaper February 28, 2018 Chile has announced that work has finally begun on the USD 100 million 'Fibra Optica Austral' project to roll out nearly 4,000 km of fibre-optic infrastructure in the Patagonia region. The aim is to boost telecommunications in the underserved region, [...]

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Huawei Marine To Begin PEACE Submarine Cable Survey

By Lightwave December 28, 2017 Tropic Science Co., Ltd. (Tropic Science) and Huawei Marine Networks say that the PEACE submarine cable desktop study (DTS) is nearly complete, and the marine survey will begin on January 15, 2018. The PEACE undersea cable system will be ready for service in the fourth quarter of 2019. The first [...]

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PEACE Cable About To Complete Desktop Study

Huawei Marine Press Release December 22, 2017 Tropic Science Limited (Tropic Science) and Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (Huawei Marine) are proud to announce the forthcoming completion of the PEACE Submarine Cable desktop study (DTS). Huawei Marine will commerce marine survey on January 15 and the PEACE Cable System will be Ready-For-Service (RFS) earlier 4th [...]

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Huawei Marine and Tropical Science Commences Construction of the PEACE Cable

By Huawei Marine Press Release November 6, 2017 Tianjin, China - Huawei Marine today announced it has commenced work on Desk Study and Marine Survey works in conjunction with key investor Tropic Science Co., Ltd. (Tropical Science) to construct the Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) submarine cable, which connects South Asia with East Africa. [...]

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CTR, Huawei Awarded Chile Southern Fibre Project

By Telecompaper October 17, 2017 Chile’s transport and telecommunications ministry MTT announced that local telecommunications operator Communication and Rural Telephony (CTR), in association with Huawei Marine, has been awarded the tender for the submarine section and one of three land-based sections of its USD 100 million 'Fibra Optica Austral' project to roll out nearly 4,000 [...]

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Tropic Science Co., Ltd. And China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. Announce PEACE Cable Project

By Tropic Science Co., Ltd. Press Release October 17, 2017 HANGZHOU, China - Tropic Science Co., Ltd. and China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. today announced the investment to PEACE submarine cable project. During the 3rd Asia Pacific Submarine Networks Forum, Tropic Science, China-ASEAN Information Harbor, China Construction Bank and Huawei Marine Networks signed an MOU for the [...]

Nexans’ Subsea Cable To Bring A Boost In Bandwidth To The Malaysian Peninsula

By Nexans Press Release September 26, 2017 Paris, France – In the always-on hyper-connected world it is easy to forget how heavily the world economy depends on submarine cables. Estimates show that 99 percent of all intercontinental trade and a major volume of international web traffic are carried via subsea connections. Yet the ever-growing demand for [...]

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Hengtong Marine Completes Repeatered Sea Trials With Huawei Marine

By Hengtong Marine Press Release July 17, 2017 Hengtong Marine is pleased to announce the successful completion of three separate repeatered cable sea trials working in conjunction with Huawei Marine Networks (HMN) the supplier and integrator of the R1 and R2 repeaters and the power switching R2 Branching Unit (R2 PSBU) and SBSS who supplied [...]

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