Tonga Fibre-optic Cable Outage Relieved by Satellite

Tonga Fibre-optic Cable Outage Relieved by Satellite Kacific Press Release January 21, 2019 Auckland, New Zealand – Since 8:30pm yesterday evening (Sunday 20th January) Tonga Cable has been suffering an outage in the submarine cable network that connects the island nation to the outside world, plunging the island nation into digital isolation. The outage is [...]

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Basslink Report Says Outage Cause Unknown

Basslink Independent Report Says Cable Outage Cause Unknown By Corinne Reichert, ZDNet December 3, 2018 Basslink has revealed that an independent report by Cable Consulting International (CCI) has found that the cause of the December 2015 outage is still "unknown", countering claims by Hydro Tasmania and the state of Tasmania. "Hydro Tasmania and the state [...]

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