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Lighting Up the Pacific

Lighting Up the Pacific John Hibbard (top) and Paul McCann (bottom) By John Hibbard and Paul McCann July 22, 2019 Even the Smaller Countries Will Have a Submarine Cable 1. Introduction There are 22 small island countries and territories in the Pacific Region (the so-called PICs), a region which covers an area of [...]

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SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 107 Now Available

Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 107 - Regional Systems Is Now Live! SubTel Forum Press Release July 22, 2019 SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 107 of the Magazine is now available! In this issue we discuss the health, wellness and future of developing regions and their impact on the global submarine fiber [...]

STF Today @ PTC ’18 – Submarine Cable Sunday Part 1

By SubTel Forum January 18, 2018 Submarine Cable Workshop 1: Global Undersea Market Update Join us for the first Submarine Cable Workshop @ PTC '18 STREAMING LIVE on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 9 am HST (11 am PST) Moderator, Paul McCann, McCann Consulting International leads a panel of seven top submarine telecoms experts in a [...]

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