Quintillion To Connect To Equinix Seattle Data Center

Quintillion To Connect To Equinix Seattle Data Center By Dan Swinhoe May 5, 2021 Quintillion’s new Arctic ground station in Alaska will be directly connected via fiber to Equinix SE2 International Business Exchange data center in Seattle. Completed in February, the Quintillion-ATLAS ground station is the highest-latitude satellite ground station on US soil. Located at [...]

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Quintillion And GCI Announce Partnership

Quintillion and GCI announce partnership to bring improved services to Nome and Kotzebue Partnership and network upgrades will deliver 1 Gigabit internet speeds for the first time to Northwest Alaska consumer customers GCI Press Release ANCHORAGE, Alaska -  January 25, 2021 Today, GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications provider, and Quintillion, the only telecommunications company providing fiber-optic [...]

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Quintillion Names Lance Dubsky Chief Security Officer

Quintillion Names Lance Dubsky Chief Security Officer, Delivering on its Commitment to Maintaining the Security of U.S.-Based Telecommunications Quintillion Networks Press Release September 16, 2020 NCHORAGE, Alaska - Quintillion is pleased to announce today the addition of Lance Dubsky to its leadership team as Chief Security Officer. Mr. Dubsky is charged with ensuring the company's current corporate, [...]

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Quintillion, ATLAS Expand Arctic Data Infrastructure

Quintillion and ATLAS Space Operations Expand Strategic Data Infrastructure in the Arctic Quintillion Networks Press Release October 17, 2019 Partnership brings unprecedented availability, capacity, bandwidth and low latency to LEO satellites on multiple existing and planned fiber routes to major global internet exchanges ANCHORAGE, Ala.-- Quintillion Networks and ATLAS Space Operations today announced plans for [...]

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Quintillion Partners with APTelecom in Asia and the US

Quintillion Partners with APTelecom in Asia and the US Quintillion Press Release September 12, 2019 ANCHORAGE, Alaska /PRNewswire/ -- Quintillion Networks, headquartered in Anchorage, AK, is pleased to announce their partnership with APTelecom to expand their reach to the global market via a transpacific fiber optic network, serving North America and Asia. As existing transpacific [...]

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Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice Hector Hernandez By Hector Hernandez July 22, 2019 Introduction The first Submarine cable system installed in the Arctic region, near the Arctic Circle, was implemented in 2009. The first Submarine cable system installed in the Arctic Circle was Ready for Service (RFS) in 2017. At the time, building in the [...]

Former CEO of Alaska Fiber-Optic Project Pleads Guilty

Former CEO of Company Leading Alaska Fiber-Optic Project Pleads Guilty to Fraud By Alex DeMarban, Anchorage Daily News February 12, 2019 The former chief executive of a company overseeing an Arctic fiber-optic project in Alaska pleaded guilty Monday to fraudulently inducing two New York investment companies to commit more than $250 million to the project, [...]

Quintillion Statement Regarding Federal Charges

Quintillion Statement Regarding Federal Charges Against Former CEO Quintillion Press Release April 12, 2018 Quintillion became aware of the situation regarding the alleged actions of Ms. Pierce last year, took swift action and self-reported to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Quintillion has been cooperating fully with the authorities during this ongoing investigation. Quintillion values its [...]

Quintillion Subsea Cable System Launched

By Lightwave December 8, 2017 Quintillion says that testing of its Quintillion subsea cable system is finished, and the cable system was launched on December 1 in five northern Alaska communities. A bandwidth services provider, Quintillion expects its service provider customers to be able to deliver high-speed broadband to consumers and businesses in these communities [...]

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Quintillion Completes Installation

By Quintillion Subsea Press Release October 24, 2017 Crews aboard the Alcatel Submarine Networks C/V Ile de Batz installed the last segment of cable beneath the ocean floor, completing physical installation of the Alaska portion of the international Quintillion Subsea Cable System. The system is on schedule to be in service this December, enabling 21st [...]

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