As System Capacity Appears To Keep On Growing

As System Capacity Appears To Keep On Growing and Growing, Is It Time We Asked: 'How Big is Too Big' By John Tibbles May 28, 2021 Subsea cables have seen an explosive increase in their capacity capability and build the biggest system a sensible objective. But is that sustainable or have we reached a point [...]

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Fiber Technology For Subsea Networks

Fiber Technology For Subsea Networks Today vs. Tomorrow By Sergei Makovejs and John Hedgpeth March 26, 2021 Today’s Submarine Fiber Outlook: The subsea fiber and cable market continues to show strong demand, and multiple tens of new subsea projects are expected over the next few years, with a substantial portion of them representing long-haul routes. [...]

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Fiber Technology for Submarine SDM

Fiber Technology for Submarine SDM By Sergei Makovejs January 19, 2020 Repeatered submarine optical fiber systems are unique in the sense that they have inherent limitations on how much electrical power can be remotely delivered from the shore to submarine cable repeaters. This is different to terrestrial fiber systems, in which there are no fundamental [...]

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SubCom to Deliver HFC, SDM for Google’s Dunant Cable

SubCom Continues Quality Manufacturing and Installation of Next Generation SDM High Fiber Count Undersea Systems SubCom Press Release April 8, 2019 EATONTOWN, N.J., USA – SubCom, the leading global partner for today's undersea infrastructure, continues to deliver state-of-the-art, best value systems to customers, providing industry leading products and marine installation as well as post-installation operations [...]