Finance & Legal

September 14

Week Ahead: FCC Readies for September Meeting

The FCC is preparing for a meeting in September. One of the topics will be a proposed regulation that would require submarine cable operators to notify the FCC when there are outages on their cable networks. Read story…

September 17

Improved Submarine Cable Reporting Rules Proposed

The FCC officially proposed new rules that will require submarine cable operators to report outages to the regulatory body. Read story…

Future Systems

September 14

China Unicom Builds International Submarine Cable Link

China Unicom announced the completion of a submarine cable system linking China and Myanmar during the China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum. Read story…

New System

September 15

Hibernia Express Transatlantic Subsea Cable is Ready for Service

Hibernia Express is now ready for service. The new system is 4,600 kilometers long, connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia to Slough, England and Cork, Ireland. The 6-fiber-pair cable uses 100G technology, with select segments supporting 200G. It is the lowest latency system on the Transatlantic route. Read story…


September 14

First Installation of New Repeater Following Successful Sea Trials

Global Marine Systems Limited completed the installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System utilizing the newest repeater from Huawei. Read story…