Cable Faults

September 24

TelBru’s Submarine Cable System Undergoes Repair

Telecommunications services have been disrupted for Telekom Brunei Berhad customers due to a fault in SEA-ME-WE 3. Read story…

Future Systems

September 21

Brazil to Boost Internet Speed Through Europe: Telebras CEO

EulaLink, a new 5,875 kilometer submarine cable connecting Brazil to Europe, will be ready for service by 2017. This 30 Tbps cable system is intended to provide a telecommunications route that bypasses the United States. Read story…

Hawaiki Hunts for $US150 Million to Build Submarine Cable to the US

The Hawaiki submarine cable project has launched an attempt to raise $US150 million, half of its construction cost. Read story…

Global Marine to Install Submarine Fibre Optic Cable in Okhotsk Sea

Global Marine is currently laying a new cable system in the Okhotsk Sea. Installation began in May 2015, and is expected to take 6 months to lay 1,844 kilometers of cable. Read story…

Regional Outlook

September 21

Move to Sell Bandwidth at 65.6 Times Lower Rate

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company received approval to sell its 57 gigabits per second bandwidth to Telecom Italia Sparkels for Tk 9.77 crore, over 15 years. Read story…

September 23

DE-CIX Palermo Internet Exchange Begins Operations

DE-CIX has launched a new internet exchange in Palermo. This exchange serves as a hub for connecting the Middle East and Africa with Europe. Read story…

September 24

Hibernia Express Transatlantic Cable Route Connects New York to London in Under 58.95 Milliseconds

Hibernia Express has an official latency between New York and London of under 58.95 milliseconds. This is a 20 percent latency improvement over the next fastest cable on the Transatlantic route. Read story…

September 25

NTT Com’s Global IP Network Japan-U.S. Capacity Exceeds 1Tbps

NTT Communications has announced its Japan-U.S. capacity has exceeded 1 Tbps. This is the first time a Japan-U.S. network has reached that capacity mark. Read story…

SubOptic 2016

September 25

SubOptic 2016: Submit Your Abstract by September 30th 2015!

The abstract submission deadline for SubOptic 2016 is September 30th 2015. Abstracts can be submitted by going to and clicking “Abstract Submission”. Read story…

SubTel Forum

September 23

STF #84 Is Available

STF #84 is now available! This month's topic is Offshore Energy. Read story…


September 24

Xtera and State Grid Information & Telecommunication Achieve Ultra-Long Unrepeatered 100g Transmission Over 627 KM

Xtera and State Grid Information & Telecommunication (SGIT) of China have achieved an unrepeatered transmission record. With the support of Accelink, 100G and 10G transmissions were demonstrated over 627 km and 645 km, respectively, with no active equipment between the end points of the links. Read story…