Future Systems

August 3rd

AquaComms Celebrates Landmark Achievement In The Deployment Of The AEConnect Subsea Cable System

AquaComms has announced today that the AEConnect Subsea Cable System is being prepared for deployment. Cable is currently being loaded onto the TE Subcom cable ship Reliance.  Read story…

August 4th

Huawei Marine Commences Marine Installation Of Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System

Huawei Marine has begun installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon submarine cable system. The cable will be ready for service by the end of 2015, and is 1,100 km long with a 12.8 Tbps design capacity.  Read story…

BIMP-Eaga Cable System Project To Start Next Year

A new cable system for the BIMP-Eaga region is planned for next year. It will be a 5,092 kilometer fiber optic cable system allowing telecommunication connectivity in the BIMP-Eaga region with the rest of the Asean and Asian countries, particularly Singapore, HongKong and US.  Read story…

New System

August 3rd

Alcatel-Lucent Completes PCCS Undersea Cable System

Alcatel-Lucent has completed the installation of the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), a 6000km undersea cable linking Florida, in the United States, to Ecuador. The system is now ready for commercial service.  Read story…

Current Systems

August 5th

ACE Undersea Fibre Cable Extending To South Africa

The ACE submarine cable system plans to extend to South Africa by Q1 of 2016.  Read story…