China Mobile International Launches 17,490 sqm Data Centre Facility in Singapore

China Mobile International Limited officially launched its Singapore data centre. The facility was built and is fully owned by the company.By Abigail Opiah, Data | Economy
July 24, 2019

China Mobile International Limited (CMI) has officially launched its Singapore data centre, revealing that the facility was built and is fully owned by the company.

The company revealed that the data centre connects directly to CMI’s Local Ring in Singapore and its Asia Pacific submarine cable systems, the SJC, APG and SJC2 and to the Asia-to-Europe SMW5 cable system.

This provides connections within and between Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

CMI highlighted that the data centre will help enterprises deploy multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions and connect their networks across the globe, delivering secure and reliable cloud deployment, plus end-to-end management services.

“The launch of our IDC in Singapore is a significant step forward to bring together our global IDC network,” said Li Feng, Chairman and CEO of China Mobile International.

“Through extensive submarine cable resources, our Singapore IDC will meet the demands of our customers in Asia Pacific by providing low-latency and reliable services.

“Singapore is not only a leading economic hub, but also a key Belt and Road node. We are also actively deploying data centres in London (UK) and Frankfurt (Germany), which will create synergy with the Singapore data centre and further promote high-speed international connections.”

Located in Singapore Tai Seng Industrial Park, the CMI Singapore data centre houses more than 2,100 racks in a gross area of 17,490 square metres.

CMI has upgraded the Data Hall power specification to a full-redundancy 2N uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with 15-minute power backup under full-load, with an N+1 diesel generator configuration with fuel storage for 24 hours under full-load.

The company have not revealed any information about the financial investment the company has made regarding the new data centre facility in Singapore.

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