ICPC Publishes “Submarine Cable Protection  and  the Environment”: A Public Newsletter

The ICPC is pleased to announce its public launch of a bi-annual newsletter titled “Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment.”International Cable Protection Committee Press Release
September 30, 2020

LYMINGTON, United Kingdom—The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is pleased to announce its public launch of a bi-annual, marine-focused newsletter titled “Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment.” The publication—written by ICPC’s Marine Environmental Advisor (MEA), Dr Mike Clare—is a new and timely reference for all seabed users, the science community, and the general public who share the same vital goal as the ICPC— safeguarding submarine telecommunications and power cables worldwide. Exclusive to ICPC Members only, access to an historical archive of more than 200 issues of an “Environment Update” publication are available on-demand, but now the “Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment” publication is being made available twice a year to the industry and public.

ICPC General Manager Mr Ryan Wopschall stated, “Having Mike’s expertise on staff truly benefits the ICPC and its Members, but we also acknowledge his thorough research can benefit the broader submarine cable industry, other marine users and stakeholders, and the wider public. Mike has written articles that not only get readers to think about the importance of the marine environment in our local daily lives, but also provides insights into the sustainability and resiliency of global submarine cable infrastructure and its critical role in our world today.”

ICPC has always been committed to understanding through peer-reviewed research the relationship between the behaviour of external factors and human activities and how the submarine cable industry operates within the marine environment. This publication promotes a forward-thinking scientific research approach and considers current and historic topics of relevance to the marine environment. After reading “Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment,”  please send an e-mail to Mike for any enquiries or further information.

About the ICPC:

The ICPC is the world’s premier submarine cable protection organisation. It was formed in 1958 to promote the protection of international telecommunications and power submarine cables against human and natural hazards. It provides a forum for the exchange of technical, legal, and environmental information about submarine cables and engages with stakeholders and governments globally to promote submarine cable protection. The ICPC has more than 170 Members from over 60 nations, including cable operators, owners, manufacturers, industry service providers, as well as governments. For further information about the ICPC and its events, submarine cables generally, best practices for cable protection, and applicable international law and treaties, visit: www.iscpc.org and www.linkedin.com/company/icpc-ltd/. If interested in joining the ICPC, click on the following link.

About Dr Mike Clare:

Mike is the MEA for the ICPC and is a Principal Researcher at the National Oceanography Centre, UK, where he works as part of the Ocean BioGeoscience Research Group. His research focuses on better understanding the dynamic seafloor, the implications of past and future climate change, impacts of human activities, and quantifying risks to critical infrastructure.


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