2020 ICPC Plenary – Call for Papers

2020 ICPC Plenary - Call for Papers ICPC Press Release October 31, 2019 The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is a non-commercial, non-profit international community of interest comprising 170 Member organisations from 65 countries who are active in the critical activities of regulating, operating, building, securing and maintaining submarine cable infrastructure. ICPC Members take care [...]

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2019 ICPC Plenary: History Made in San Diego

2019 ICPC Plenary: History Made in San Diego, California ICPC Press Release June 6, 2019 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Under the theme ‘Critical Infrastructure across the Oceans—protecting submarine cables and the marine environment,’ the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) held its largest Plenary meeting in the organisation’s history with a diverse submarine cables and related industry [...]

SubOptic 2019 – Day 4 Wrap-Up Video

SubOptic 2019 - Day 4 Wrap-Up Video By STF Today April 15, 2019 Thursday, April 11 was the fourth and final day of the SubOptic 2019 conference. The final sessions of the technical program kicked off the day, while the afternoon saw a Keynote address from Vinton Cerf of Google - one of the "Fathers [...]

ICPC Announces 2019 Plenary Call for Papers

The ICPC Welcomes Your Participation at Its 2019 Plenary: Call for Papers ICPC Press Release January 31, 2019 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom—Every year the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) Plenary attracts a global and industry-specific audience to consider the protection of submarine cables—the infrastructure of the Internet. Participation provides an excellent opportunity to engage with submarine [...]

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ICPC Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary in Cable Protection

International Cable Protection Committee Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Its First Submarine Cable Protection Initiatives ICPC Press Release November 26, 2018 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — After six decades, the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) continues to fulfil its mission by advancing submarine cable protection worldwide. Today, marks the 60th anniversary of the ICPC’s first Plenary [...]

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ICPC Awarded Consultative Status With UN

Subsea Cable Community Gains Voice in the United Nations ICPC Press Release May 17, 2018 LYMINGTON, England - The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is now in consultative status with the United Nations (UN). The grant of the status was recommended by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committee of the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), [...]

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ICPC Appoints New International Law Adviser

ICPC Appoints New International Law Adviser ICPC Press Release March 1, 2018 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — Mr. Kent Bressie becomes the new International Cable Law Adviser (ICLA) for the prominent organisation, International Cable Protection Committee ( ICPC ). Kent replaces Doug Burnett who left the role in late 2017 to accept a U.S. Government appointment. [...]

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ICPC Returns To Cape Town To hold Its 2018 Diamond Jubilee Plenary

By ICPC Press Release October 6, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — In October 1974, the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) held its 13th Plenary in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2018, the Plenary will return to the coastal city for its upcoming session as well as celebrate 60 years of heritage since its incorporation in [...]

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ICPC: The Latest Insights into Submarine Cables and Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction

By ICPC Press Release June 30, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — There is much anticipation and anxiety in the air at the United Nations in New York City, USA this July. Many observers understand that a potentially very significant change in the international law regarding oceans looms ahead. The forthcoming PrepCom 4 meeting, held at [...]

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ICPC Issues New Recommendations On Cable Operations and Deep Seabed Mining

By ICPC Press Release June 23, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom - The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) has issued its much-awaited Recommendation No. 17 titled: Submarine Cable Operations in Deep Seabed Mining Concessions Designated by the International Seabed Authority. The Recommendation* is now publicly available upon request via: secretary@iscpc.org. The laying of submarine cables and [...]

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