Submarine Cable Almanac – Issue 50 Out Now!

SubTel Forum Press Release
May 27, 2023

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce the fiftieth edition of SubTel Forum’s Submarine Cable Almanac, your essential guide to the world of submarine cable systems.

In the latest update, we've expanded our coverage by adding three new systems and refreshing details on 25 existing ones. To enhance the utility of this issue, we are now categorizing systems by region instead of by planned versus in-service status or by age. This new arrangement offers a clearer perspective on the geographical distribution of the infrastructure. For updates or to inform us about systems that should be included, please contact Kieran Clark directly at [email protected].

The Almanac is made possible by our exclusive sponsors – WFN Strategies

“We are an ISO-accredited pioneering authority in the planning and implementation of submarine cable systems.

Since 2001, we have accomplished on all seven continents more than 150 submarine cable system projects for 75+ International Clients, including 25+ Regional Systems, 30+ Inter-Platform Systems and 15+ Transoceanic Systems and we are the world’s leading expert on the design, engineering and implementation of submarine cable systems in Polar environments.”

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