News From Around The World Of Submarine Telecoms For The Week Of July 23-27

News from around the submarine telecoms industry.

SubTel Forum

SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 101 Now Available
Issue 101 of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue covers region specific topics in the submarine telecoms market.


From The SubOptic 2019 Programme Committee
Keith Russell Shaw and Stuart Barnes of the SubOptic 2019 Programme Committee discuss the latest updates for the SubOptic 2019 program.

Creating Connections and Encouraging Engagement
SubOptic 2019 Conference Director Christopher Noyes discusses how to create a memorable and engaging conference experience.

Data Centers

Spotlight on Asia Regional Cable Systems
Andrew Oon of Equinix discusses Asia-Pacific regional submarine cable systems from a data center perspective.

Virginia Beach: The Next Chapter
Hubert Souisa discusses the growing importance of Virginia Beach landings as a means to connect directly to Ashburn data centers.

Future Systems

Vocus Completes Australia Singapore Cable Laying
The Australia Singapore Cable has been laid, with the final splice made to the south east of Singapore Vocus announced on Monday morning.

ARBR, the Argentina to Brazil Submarine Cable System
Larry Schwartz of Seaborn and Leigh Frame of Xtera discuss development of ARBR – an important regional system for Argentina.

IOX Update
Arunachalam Kandasamy discusses the latest updates on the IOX cable system, connection several key points in the Indian Ocean.

WFN Strategies to Support EAUFON Route Survey for Kativik
WFN Strategies was awarded a contract by the Kativik Regional Government to provide cable route survey support for the EAUFON cable system.

State of the Industry

Building Global and Delivering Local
Chris Bayly discusses the convergence of submarine cable and terrestrial infrastructure is evolving to meet global and regional demand.

7 Questions with John Melick
John Melick, co-founder and chairman of Djibouti Data Center, discusses telecommunications industry trends around the globe.

The Changing World of Subsea Cables
António Nunes discusses the changing realities of the submarine fiber industry, and ways to improve economic growth in the new market.

International Connectivity in the Pacific
George Samisoni discusses regional initiatives to bring international connectivity to nations in the Pacific, like Fiji.

Connecting the European Single Market
Joensuu Jukka-Pekka discusses Finland's development as a connectivity hub for Europe, carving out its place in modern telecoms.

Irish Links
Derek Cassidy of University College Dublin discusses Ireland's history as a major telecoms hub and its place in modern telecoms.

Settling into Cruising Speed
Kieran Clark of SubTel Forum gives a region by region numbers update on activity in the submarine cable industry.

150 Years of Enterprise at Greenwich Enderby's Wharf
Allan Green, Research Fellow at Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, discusses the history of Enderby's Wharf. Foreword by José Chesnoy.