News From Around The World Of Submarine Telecoms For The Week Of June 18-22

News from around the submarine telecoms industry.

Future Systems

Vocus, Australia Sign AU$137m Subsea Cable Contract
Vocus has been awarded a AU$137 million contract by Australia for a subsea cable connecting Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

GCX Completes Data Center, Landing for Eagle
GCX (Global Cloud Xchange) announces the completion of a data center and landing station to support the future Eagle submarine cable system.

St Helena Signs Agreement With EU for Submarine Cable
The government of St Helena has signed an agreement with the European Union to support the construction of the island's 1st submarine cable.

Cinia Says C-Fiber Hanko To Invest in Arctic Connect
C-Fiber Hanko will invest in the Arctic Connect project, building a digital bridge between Europe and Asia via the Northeast passage.

Vanuatu Wants Australia To Fund Internet Cable
Vanuatu's Prime Minister is expected to ask Australia to help fund an internet cable project when he meets Malcolm Turnbull next week.