SubOptic 2019 – Papers Committee Update

The SubOptic 2019 Papers Co-Chairs provide a conference program update in this contributing article from SubTel Forum Issue 99.By Marc-Richard Fortin, Steve Dawe
March 19, 2018

Following the announcement and introduction of the SubOptic2019 Papers Committee Co-Chairmen, we are pleased to follow up in this update with the introduction of the industry professionals who have volunteered their expertise to serve as the Papers Committee Vice-Chairs:

Topic Area 1 Networks of the Future.

We welcome Tim Stuch, Global Optical Architect, Facebook

This topic area is aimed to cover a wide array of areas ranging from integrating networks and data centers beyond the beach, the impact of OTT infrastructure and the future of manufacturing, and avoiding bottlenecks in capacity or routes.

Topic Area 2 Wet Technology.

Welcoming Olivier Gautheron, CTO, ASN.

This topic will explore the current specifications of fibers, cables, repeaters and branching units, PFE’s of the future, and what future designs must improve upon to meet system needs.

Topic Area 3 Dry Technology.

We are pleased to welcome Yoshihisa Inada, NEC.

This topic area will aim to provide a comprehensive look at cutting edge software, techniques & practices used to more efficiently manage networks, and increased efficiency of landing equipment and terrestrial security at the landing site.

Topic Area 4 Marine Advancements.

We welcome Ana Chamon, TE SubCom.

This topic will explore installation techniques and best practices, cable damage prevention, global pinch points, and cable ship fleets. Additional areas include: Route survey, Desktop study, Permits and environmental planning.

Topic Area 5 Regulatory, Legal & Security.

We are very pleased to welcome Kent Bressie, Harris, Wilshire & Graniss recently appointed International Cable Law Advisor to ICPC

This topic area will look at regulatory and legal issues, examine global permitting processes, as well as, security for networks and the landing stations.

Topic Area 6 Commercial and Funding.

We are pleased to welcome Bernard Logan, MainOne Cable

In this topic the we will examine best practices in system project development, the geopolitical impact on the cable industry, roles of consultants and different funding types

Topic Area 7 Global Citizen.

We are pleased to introduce and welcome Nicole Starosielski, New York University.

This topic will address environmental concerns and considerations to be aware of and integrate into processes, and conservation efforts that impact installation and maintenance. The topic will also explore how to fill the skilled labor gap and how to improve the gender balance within the subsea industry.

Topic Area 8 Oil, Gas & Special Markets.

We welcome Denise Toombs, ERM

In this topic we will look at system developments in the oil & gas industry, on recovering and scrapping out of service cable, shore end reuse, low latency network needs, challenges of network topology, capacity, operations and maintenance.

To continue reading the rest of this article, please read it in Issue 99 of the SubTel Forum magazine here on page 83.