The latest issue of SubTel Forum is now available. This month's issue covers finance and legal topics from around the submarine telecoms industrySubTel Forum Issue 99 Finance & Legal Edition Now Available

SubTel Forum Press Release
March 19, 2018

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 99 of the Magazine is now available!

In this issue authors discuss the health, status and future of investment in the submarine cable industry as well as legal and regulatory trends and issues.


Featured articles:

  • Exordium by Wayne Nielsen
  • SUBMARINE CABLE TELECOM AND NATIONAL SECURITY REVIEW 2018-2020: WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON? by Andrew D. Lipman, Ulises R. Pin and Denise S. Wood
  • Dancing With Financiers: When The Submarine Industry Goes Into Flirting Mode by Laure Duvernay
  • Liability For Damage To Underwater Cable Under Canadian Maritime Law by Jean-Marie Fontaine
  • Will North Korean Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Damage Submarine Fiber Optic Telecommunications? by Thomas S. Popik, George H. Baker, William R. Harris, and Jordan Kearns
  • Evaluating Submarine Cable Supply Contracts by Jennifer Gibbons and Mike Conradi
  • Collaborating To Support Marine Licence Applications From The Subsea Cable Sector by The UK Marine Management Organisation
  • Interview With The SubOptic 2019 Program Chair Dr. Stuart Barnes
  • Back Reflection: The “Light Years” Of The Bubble 1998-2005 by José Chesnoy
  • From The Programme Committee by Marc-Richard Fortin And Steve Dawe
  • From the Conference Director by Christopher Noyee
  • Advertisers’ Corner by Kristian Nielsen

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