SubTel Forum Magazine #133 – Data Centers & New Technology with PTC '24 Conference Preview – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Press Release
November 20, 2023

Issue #133 of SubTel Forum explores Data Centers & New Technology, with a special preview of the PTC '24 conference.What's Inside:

Issue #133 of the SubTel Forum Magazine delves into the theme of “Data Centers & New Technology,” highlighting the latest advancements and trends in the field of submarine telecommunications. This issue also features a comprehensive preview of the upcoming PTC '24 conference, bringing insights from key industry figures and thought leaders. We are thankful to our community of readers whose constant engagement fuels our mission to provide in-depth and cutting-edge coverage.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

4 Questions with Brian Moon, PTC CEO

Feature Articles:

  • Subsea Cables and the Most Explosive Volcanic Eruption This Century by Michael Clare
  • The Role of Facilities Management in Data Centers by David Korede
  • Advancing Submarine Cable Project Management by Kristian Nielsen and Greg Reinecke
  • Understanding the Importance of Terrestrial Backhaul Networks to End-to-End Submarine Network Services by Brian Lavallée, Richard Norris, Darwin Evans, Sergejs Markovejs, Lidia Galdino, and Pascal Pecci
  • Submarine Cable Systems: Capacity, Connectivity, and Bandwidth: Part 1 by Derek Cassidy
  • Sanctity in Peril by Devon A. Johnson
  • The Future of Subsea Cables by Alex Vaxmonsky
  • Protecting the Maritime Backbone of Society is a Matter of Urgency by Mathias Balling

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