SubTel Forum Magazine #131 – Regional Systems – Featuring Submarine Networks World Preview – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Press Release
July 17, 2023

Issue #131 of SubTel Forum explores Regional Systems in the submarine industry, featuring a Submarine Networks World '23 preview.What's Inside:

Issue #131 of the SubTel Forum Magazine delves into the theme of “Regional Systems”, a pivotal focus within the submarine industry. This issue comes packed with a selection of feature articles penned by esteemed industry experts from across the globe. We extend our gratitude to all of our dedicated readers – your unwavering support is the driving force behind our continued growth.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

5 Questions With Adam Ball

Feature Articles:

  • Why Attend Submarine Networks World
  • ASEAN Heritage Parks and Legal Tools for Submarine Cable Protection by Wahab Jumrah
  • The Pacific: Securing the Future by John Hibbard and Paul McCann
  • The Most Extreme Portal in the World by Javier Valdez
  • Building and Operating a Subfluvial Fibre Optic Communications Network in the Major Rivers of the Amazon Basin in Brazil by Eduardo C. Grizendi and Michael A. Stanton
  • Demystifying the Consultant's Role in System Implementation and Commissioning by Kristian Nielsen
  • Increasing Availability of Subsea Telecom Infrastructure Through Monitoring Vibrations in Optical Fibre Subsea Cables by Steinar Bjørnstad, Anders Tysdal, and Cato Lammenes
  • The Olisipo Submarine Cable System by Diego Matas

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We would like to make a special Thank You to our sponsors this issue. Thank you for believing in this magazine and helping us to continue the work that we do!