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SubTel Forum Press Release Issue #136 of SubTel Forum brings expert analysis on subsea security, cable lifespans, route diversity, and capacity forecasting.
May 20, 2024


What's Inside:

Issue #136 of SubTel Forum Magazine dives into the latest challenges and innovations in the submarine cable industry. Expert contributors cover a range of topics, from advancing strategies to protect submarine cables against cyber threats and geopolitical tensions to examining the symbiotic relationship between submarine and terrestrial cables. The issue also explores the 25-year lifespan of submarine fiber optic cables, the importance of subsea cable route diversity, and the critical role of capacity forecasting in feasibility studies. Additionally, it assesses Lisbon's position as a digital gateway and introduces a groundbreaking platform to enhance industry connectivity. The edition offers a comprehensive analysis of the industry's current state and future direction.

Feature Articles:

  • Stepping Up to Meet Subsea Security Challenges by Kathy Kirchner
  • The Symbiotic Relationship of Submarine and Terrestrial Cables by Jorge Lozano
  • Life Expectancy of a Fiber Optic Cable by Javier Valdez and Gilberto Guitart
  • Beyond Borders: Ensuring Resilience in Subsea Cable Infrastructure Amidst Geopolitical Challenges by Vineet Verma
  • The Importance of Subsea Cable and Route Diversity by Chris Wood
  • Lisbon: A Digital Gateway Enabling Growth and Resilience by Keith Savio
  • Introducing the Submarine Cable Industry Directory by Kieran Clark
  • Forecasting Capacity Needs in Feasibility Studies by Daniel Leza and Kristian Nielsen

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