Tele Greenland Announces Repair to One Submarine Cable Break but Discovery of Another

Tele Greenland has repaired the cable break south of Sisimiut but another break was discovered between Sisimiut and Aasiaat during repairs.By Telecompaper
March 14, 2019

Tele Greenland said the break to the submarine cable south of Sisimiut has repaired, meaning that customers in Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq were expected to regain broadband access on 13 March. During repairs in the north, the engineers were surprised to find there was no connection through the cable from Sisimiut to Aasiaat. Shortly after, they found another breach 70 km north for Sisimiut.

Tele Greenland said the cause of the breach is unclear and that it is investigating the matter with experts from IT Telecom. Customers north of Sisimiut are still suffering from slow internet as they continue to be served via radio relay link from Aasiaat to Sisimiut.

CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen said Tele Greenland said it was doing is utmost with help from international experts but admitted it is hard to believe there could be three submarine cable breaks all at the same time. Ice is preventing the cable vessel sailing to the newly discovered break north of Sisimiut at present.

Turning to the cable break in southern Greenland, the operator said the ship cannot currently underatke the repairs needed off Qaqortoq as stormy weather is expected over the next few days. The vessel is returning to Nuuk to await better conditions in both the north and south.

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