Tele Greenland Announces Cable Breach Repair in North

Tele Greenland Announces Cable Breach Repair in North, Warns of Service Loss as Ship Sails South By Telecompaper May 10, 2019 Tele-Post Greenland has announced the successful repair to the damaged submarine cable in the north of the country, adding that specialists will inspect it to ascertain the cause of the breach. All of its [...]

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Tele Greenland to Start Repairs in Early May

Tele Greenland Expects Repairs to Start on First Submarine Cable Breach in Early May By Telecompaper April 30, 2019 Tele-Post Greenland said the cable vessel Horizon Enabler is ready to set sail from Canada back to Greenland again, and the operator expects repairs on the broken submarine cable north of Sisimiut to start at the [...]

Tele Greenland Repairs One Cable Break, Finds Another

Tele Greenland Announces Repair to One Submarine Cable Break but Discovery of Another By Telecompaper March 14, 2019 Tele Greenland said the break to the submarine cable south of Sisimiut has repaired, meaning that customers in Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq were expected to regain broadband access on 13 March. During repairs in the north, the engineers [...]

Tele Greenland Submarine Cable Fault North of Maniitsoq

Tele Greenland Says Submarine Cable Fault Hits Internet and Voice Telephony North of Maniitsoq By Telecompaper January 21, 2019 Tele-Post Greenland that a fault was discovered on 21 January on the submarine cable system, reducing internet speed in every town and village north of Maniitsoq and up to Kullorsuaq. In individual cases, voice telephony has [...]

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Tele Greenland Says Cable to Iceland Breaks

Tele Greenland Says Cable to Iceland Breaks, Repairs Could Take Weeks By Telecompaper December 28, 2017 Tele-Post Greenland said a break to a submarine cable is expected to hit internet speed for some time. The break happened at about 06:30 hrs on 28 December on the cable to Iceland, close to Qaqortoq. This has affected [...]

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Tele Greenland Finishes 100-Gbps Cable System Upgrade

By Sara K. Madden, Lightwave October 30, 2017 Data center services provider Verne Global and Tele Greenland say they have completed a 12.4-Tbps upgrade to the Greenland Connect submarine cable system with three new 100-Gbps connections into Verne Global's Icelandic data center. The upgraded undersea network will deliver low latency routing from Iceland to the New York [...]

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