News From Around The World Of Submarine Telecoms For The Week Of December 16-20

News from around the submarine telecoms industry.

Cable Faults & Maintenance

AAE-1 Submarine Cable Fault Slows Pakistani Internet
Users in Pakistan may face slow internet speed as services are impacted due to a technical fault in the AAE-1 submarine cable system.

Future Systems

NTT MIST Cable to Connect Singapore & Myanmar, India
NTT has announced its intentions to build a subsea network spanning from Singapore to Chennai and Mumbai, as well as to neighbouring Myanmar.

Cook Islands Submarine Cable Comes Ashore
Manatua, the first fibre optic submarine cable connection for the Cook Islands has landed in Aitutaki today at 730pm local time.

JGA-S to Land at Queensland This Weekend
The Japan-Guam-Australia South (JGA-S) submarine cable is scheduled to land at Queensland, Australia as early as this weekend.

GO to Connect Malta to France, North Eastern Africa
GO has announced an investment in a third new submarine cable system that will connect Malta to France & North Eastern Africa.