Vietnam's Faulty Undersea Cables to All Be Fixed by End of June

Vietnam to fix two undersea internet cables in May and another in June, ensuring a stable internet experience for users.By Luu Quy, VNExpress
May 9, 2023

The Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) said two malfunctioning undersea internet cables would be fixed this month, while another would be fixed in June.

By May 3, the IA and the SMW3 undersea cables were repaired and are now functioning normally, internet service providers told the VNTA.

Two cables, AAE-1 and AAG, would be fixed within this month, while the APG cable would be fixed in June.

In a meeting last week, Nguyen Thanh Phuc, head of VNTA, said the five cables malfunctioning was “unpredictable” and “affected all countries utilizing them.”

The Ministry of Information and Communications has instructed businesses to cooperate with consortium members to resolve issues with the cables.

Vietnam's internet service providers have also provided solutions to ensure international connections, such as regulating data flow and purchasing data through land routes.

Phuc said Vietnamese users now reported a stable internet experience.

By the end of March, broadband internet speed in Vietnam reached 91.24 Mbps, putting the country’s internet speed at 40th place globally, according to Speedtest statistics.

Vietnam is expected to have 4-6 new undersea cables by 2030, according to the VNTA.

The country currently has five undersea cables connecting with the rest of the world.

Viettel said it would utilize the ADC cable by the end of the year, while VNPT said it would utilize the SJC 2 cable.

FPT Telecom last month also approved an investment initiative for the ALC undersea cable project.

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