ICPC Returns To Cape Town To hold Its 2018 Diamond Jubilee Plenary

By ICPC Press Release October 6, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — In October 1974, the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) held its 13th Plenary in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2018, the Plenary will return to the coastal city for its upcoming session as well as celebrate 60 years of heritage since its incorporation in [...]

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ICPC: The Latest Insights into Submarine Cables and Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction

By ICPC Press Release June 30, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom — There is much anticipation and anxiety in the air at the United Nations in New York City, USA this July. Many observers understand that a potentially very significant change in the international law regarding oceans looms ahead. The forthcoming PrepCom 4 meeting, held at [...]

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ICPC Issues New Recommendations On Cable Operations and Deep Seabed Mining

By ICPC Press Release June 23, 2017 LYMINGTON, United Kingdom - The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) has issued its much-awaited Recommendation No. 17 titled: Submarine Cable Operations in Deep Seabed Mining Concessions Designated by the International Seabed Authority. The Recommendation* is now publicly available upon request via: [email protected] The laying of submarine cables and [...]

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Taking the Pulse of the Industry on Submarine Cable Sunday at PTC ’17

Industry leaders brought a dose of reality to PTC’17, Sunday. Once again, the submarine cable industry made its presence felt in the annual Pacific Telecoms Conference as more than two hundred industry professionals gathered to hear 17 speakers give their take on the current state of the industry and its future. The first three workshops, [...]

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STF Today @ PTC ’17

Join STF Today for a live stream of the Sunday morning submarine cable workshop sessions at PTC '17. Watch the live stream on our YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/subtelforum or through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/subtelforum/

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PTC ’16 Submarine Cable Workshop: Waves of Change (Session 2)

Following the opening session of PTC '16, "Waves of Change" is refocusing on the growing demand for global connectivity and bandwidth, and the future of the submarine cable industry as systems reach their 25 year shelf life. This session will have five presenters addressing the issues: Neal Bergano, vice president of research and development at [...]

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PTC ’16 Submarine Cable Workshop: Waves of Change

Welcome, once again, to the annual gathering of engineers, program managers, executives and the myriad other professionals that comprise the Pacific communications industry — PTC '16.  For the conference's first session, seven submarine fiber industry specialists will be participating in a workshop addressing the state of submarine cable infrastructure and its future. Submarine fiber criss-crosses our world's [...]

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WFN Strategies to Present and Exhibit at PTC ‘16

Press Release WFN Strategies will be presenting and exhibiting at the upcoming Pacific Telecommunications Council 2016 conference and exhibition, which will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from 17 to 20 January. On Sunday of the conference, WFN Strategies Managing Director, Wayne Nielsen, will be presenting alongside a panel of 7 industry experts at the session [...]

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