News From Around The World Of Submarine Telecoms For The Week Of December 10-14

News from around the submarine telecoms industry.

Cable Faults & Maintenance

SEA-ME-WE 3 Repairs in India Underway
The fault on the SEA-ME-WE 3 cable from earlier this week in India is expected to finish repairs Thursday, December 13 as per VSNL.

Current Systems

Telxius Operates Two Highest Capacity Submarine Cables

Data Centers

Liquid Telecom to Invest in Egypt Network, Data Center
Parterned with Telecom Egypt, Liquid Telecom is planning to spend $400m on building out network infrastructure and data centers across Egypt.

Future Systems

Cabo Verde Telecom, EllaLink Sign Cable Agreement
Cabo Verde Telecom and EllaLink signed an agreement for connectivityfrom Europe and Latin America to Cabo Verde on the EllaLink Cable.

State of the Industry

Telecom Egypt, Fiber Misr Sign Submarine Cable MoU
Telecom Egypt signed a memo of understanding with Fiber Misr company on Thursday in the domain of submarine cable services.

Technology & Upgrades

Adva Trials 300G Over Transatlantic Distance
Adva announced that its FSP 3000 CloudConnectTeraFlex succeeded in transporting 300G of data per wavelength over a 6,800km fibre link.

Microsoft, Facebook Test 400G Across Marea
Acacia Communications announced the first 400G transmission on the 6,600 km Marea submarine cable owned by Microsoft and Facebook.