1025Connect and NJFX Plan Fiber Route Around Manhattan

By Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier November 9, 2017 When it comes to fiber in the Northeast, just about all paths lead through Manhattan. Two emerging colocation providers are seeking to change that. Crosslake Fibre this week announced plans to build a new submarine fiber optic cable from Wall, New Jersey to Long Island. The [...]

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Crosslake Fibre To Build Cable Connecting Long Island To Wall, New Jersey

By Crosslake Fibre Press Release October 23, 2017 TORONTO, Ontario and BUFFALO, New York -  Crosslake Fibre announces today its plans to build a new submarine fibre-optic cable from Wall, New Jersey to Long Island, New York. The cable system will directly connect Wall, NJ and Long Island with a 95km high fibre count unrepeatered [...]

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