Santec, a leading design and manufacturer of tunable lasers, optical instruments, and fiber-optic components, introduces the latest in Programmable Optical Filter, the WSS-1000. Santec’s proprietary LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology inside the WSS-1000 enables the user to program a limitless range of optical filtering, attenuation and switching schemes. The WSS-1000 is an enabling technology for investigating next generation optical networks by utilizing the filter as an optical equalizer of high-speed signals, as an adaptive channel filter for advanced optical transmission systems (DWDM, OFDM), as a WSS emulator or as a flexible test and measurement system.

Implementation of Santec’s proven LCOS chip technology means the WSS-1000 is a flexible tool for applications that require precise control of frequency (wavelength), bandwidth, attenuation and port count. The no-moving-parts design of the filter incorporating LCOS assures long term reliability.

Steep filter shapes with gradient >400dB/nm are possible with high setting resolution of 1GHz over the C-band or L-band. Currently the WSS-1000 may be configured with multiple ports up to 1×4, with 1×9 on the roadmap.

The WSS-1000 will be introduced and exhibited at OFC2014 in San Francisco, United States, from March 11, 2014.


  • Programmable arbitrary spectral shaping
  • C or L-band operation
  • Fine frequency and bandwidth control
  • Setting resolution 1GHz (typ.)
  • Excellent optical filtering with steeper edge (400dB/nm (typ.)
  • Switching function optionally (1, 2 or 4 outputs)


  • Optical equalizer for high-speed optical signals
  • 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s, 1Tb/s transmission test
  • Adjustable and adaptive DWDM, OFDM channel filtering
  • Flexible test and measurement
  • Next generation bundle wavelength OXC
  • Pulse shaping

Santec Corporation was established in 1979. It is headquartered in Komaki, Japan and has subsidiaries in NJ, USA (Santec U.S.A. Corporation), Oxford, UK (Santec Europe Ltd.) and China (Santec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.). It is listed on the JASDAQ Market – a section of the Tokyo Securities Exchange. The company serves customers in more than 30 countries; these include most of the world’s major telecommunications companies, telecommunication system manufacturers and medical equipment companies. Santec’s products include a broad range of optical components and tunable laser light sources for the optical fiber communication industry, together with a range of fiber optic test and measurement instruments.